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Pickens County,Alabama

Office of the Revenue Commissioner
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News Release: 06/22/2009 Subscription Site Access Is Available
                       Updated 10/06/2011 
We are working to make our on-line data more useful for commercial applications and made a subscription site available starting the first of July, 2009.  You will notice that some of the features of the public site have been downgraded.  If you or your business require the additional functionality of the Subscription Site, call Kami Henders at 205-367-2040, or download our ORDER FORM and send your payment to the address on the form.  If you have purchased a Subscription and require assistance, read the information at the bottom of this page. 
Click on this link to download Subscription Access ORDER FORM 
Subject: Enhanced Subscription On-line Access now available.
From: Kami Henders,Contact agent at Pickens County Revenue Commissioners Office 

Our office has made significant enhancements to both our web site, and our FlagshipGIS map site and we think you or your organization may be interested in the changes we have made:

Since July 1st, 2009, Pickens County has had both a Public and a Subscription Flagship GIS map site.  Those of you who have been using our free public access GIS site already know its value to you or to your company.  Some of the features on the public site will no longer be available, including the distance tool and the high resolution photography, but the free site will continue to be a good source for the general public, and on-line payments can be made through our Public Access Site. 

We have made significant enhancements to our Subscription Access and continue to welcome any suggestions for improvement.  For instance, in 2011, your subscription access will enable you to download Adobe Acrobat file versions of Parcel Improvement Sketches, Property Record Cards (.pdf) and Assessment Sheets.  In the very near future, we will offer access for Apple Computer users, an option that sidesteps the downloading of the MapGuide ActiveX viewer.  As always, your subscription provides you with a downloadable Excel worksheet containing the sales information collected during each tax year.  Our goal is to generate sufficient revenue through subscriptions to offset the cost of offering this data on-line to everyone.

The cost is $225.00 to purchase a one-year subscription for access to both Flagship and our sales data. Subscribers will be entitled to a 20% discount on many of the reports and products that are frequently ordered from our office.  If you are unable to download the ORDER FORM from the link above, please give me a call and I will email or mail you the order form.

When we receive payment for your subscription, we will send you an email with instructions for logging in to the additional data available to you, along with your password for access.

We hope to get the news out to all interested parties, so please feel free to forward this to anyone whose name we might have missed.  I will be handling the processing of subscriptions. If you have any questions, please contact me at 205-367-2043.

Kami Henders

Ps: For more information about the features of our new subscription access, please see below.

Pickens County Subscription Web Site has many additional features including:


  • Sales Listings
  • High Resolution Photography
  • Maps, printable to scale
  • Distance and area measuring tool
  • Search results - export to Excel
  • Tax Payment History back to 2007
  • Frequent Data update
  • Building Appendages
  • Assessment Sheets - pdf format
  • Property Record Cards - pdf format
  • Improvement sketches - pdf format

Need Help?  Are you already a subsciber and need help getting started?

There are significant changes to the Flagship GIS site.  The site no longer requires an ActiveX plugin and is viewable on mobile devices.  Also available are Bing and Google photography overlays.  When you have completed your subscription application, follow this link and enter your password to either go to the Flagship GIS Map site or to access the Sales Data.

If you have not visited Flagship GIS before,you can find more information at this next link: