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Pickens County,Alabama

Office of the Revenue Commissioner
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Order and Pricing Information:
If you are interested in acquiring access to our Subscription GIS Site and/or Sales Data, or if you wish to purchase your own copy of our Assessment Database, ESRI Parcel Shape Files, Map Scans or Aerial Photography, you may print and fill out our Order Form and return it along with your payment to the address given on the form.  When we receive your cleared payment for a subscription to our GIS site and/or Sales Data, we will email you with instructions for accessing the data.  This subscription price is for one year of use, by you or those in your company.  Your access is non-transferrable.

Contact Information:
Office of the Pickens County Revenue Commissioner:
Michelle Kirk
Revenue Commissioner
P O Box 447
Carrollton, AL. 35447
Phone number: 205-367-2040
Fax number: 205-367-2041
E-mail address:
For subscription to the website:
Appraisal Update Office
P O Box 447
Carrollton, AL  354447
Phone number: 205-367-2043
Fax Number: 205-367-2041
E-mail address:             
You may also contact us by filling out and submitting the following: