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Pickens County,Alabama

Office of the Revenue Commissioner
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PLIMS - Pickens Land Information Management System - GIS Mapping 


Pickens County has moved into the 21st century!

The Alabama Department of Homeland Security has provided grant money to make a state-wide GIS data warehouse available online at Virtual Alabama.  This site, which uses state-of-the-art software from Google Earth EC, is now available to all government agencies and emergency services in Pickens County.  Alabama is the first state in the nation to have this resource!  With the availability of this resource, we have great potential to enhance community development efforts, to aid in decision-making, to improve county services and to provide greater security.


The mapping/deed changes are now being processed by Flagship GIS which also host our GIS website.  If you need to speak with the mapper for any reason, please contact Michelle Kirk or Kami Henders to make arrangements.   We look forward to being able to provide Pickens County with the most current and efficient mapping we can as quickly as we can.  




Available now - online access to county maps and aerial photography:
Go to GIS On-line .
To the good people in Pickens County, we say "Thank you for your support!"
Also available - see our Map Scans


Contact information: 
Michelle Kirk
Phone: 205-367-2040

Kami Henders
Mapping Clerk
Phone: 205-367-2043